Programa Beda


The BEDA Programme is a bilingual (Spanish-English) programme set up by escuelas católicas Madrid which aims to improve students’ levels of and exposure to English. It does so by gradually immersing different aspects of school life in English.


Some sample steps in the programme in our school are as follows:


  • Basic things such as signage around the school and sharing our morning prayer in English.
  • Entire subjects being taught through the medium of English, such as Biology in 1º ESO and Technology in 2º ESO. The aim being to gradually open up the possibility of offering more and more subjects through English.
  • Training and improving the English of our other teachers who aren’t teaching English but who can use this language to communicate in small ways with the students or include sporadic English activities in their respective subjects with the goal of creating a more bilingual immersive environment.
  • The eventual desired outcome being having our students become as bilingual as possible and able to leave school with a minimum B2/C1 level of English (Cambridge exams) to facilitate access to certain university courses with this language requirement. We also want communicating through English to become natural for them.