Peace Day

Peace Day

Como cada año, el 30 de Enero se celebra en los colegios la Jornada Escolar por la Paz y la No Violencia. Este año, ha sido algo diferente, pues hemos decidido unir las celebraciones de dicho día a las del English Day.

Every year we celebrate peace day the 30 of January in the schools. It is a day to remember all the countries which are in war.

This morning we had a school ceremony where we wrote a big letter for the people of Australia who are suffering the consequences of the fires.

Also, our students got familiar with some Nobel peace prize winners, by making paper doves with information about them. Other students marched in favor of peace . 

Among other activities,  the whole school read a peace manifesto and we finished the celebration singing «All we are saying is give peace a chance»

Pureza de María Santa Cruz school chooses peace!!

¡Nuestro colegio elige la paz!